Large plastic insulated containers, plastic pallets, refrigerants, temperature  insulation and other solutions. Chilling and defrosting  containers.
Index to Hermani AG product line. Insulated plastic cabinets with wheels or feet.FDA approved large plastic containers.Refrigerant and refrigeration systems for transport and storage of perishables and other temperature sensitive products. Alternatives to gel packs and dry ice.Temperature insulation materials in rolls, pallet covers and insulating pouches for transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products. Plastic pallets, environmentally friendly pallets, FDA approved pallets, biodegradable pallets.Contact_us.
Insulated containers.
Insulated smallbins containers.
Insulated plastic containers with air tight door, great for medical and pharmaceutical uses.
D Series pallet sized insulated plastic containers.
Insulated plastic containers.
Dry ice containers.
Live lobster transport insulated containers.
Live transport containers for shipping live fish.
On board shellfish container for sorting and grading shellfish.
Insulated tuna tubs.
carts, buggies, wheeled containers.
Insulated plastic cabinets.
Non-insulated large plastic containers.
Single wall large plastic containers.
Double wall large plastic containers.
D Series pallet sized insulated plastic containers.
Large plastic containers for special uses.


Hermani AG provides a wide variety of plastic containers designed specially for the food industries. Every food-related product meets the industry standards for strength, user friendliness, environmental responsibility and hygiene. Our bins are constructed of FDA and USDA approved polyethylene for food handling. Our cargo containers are great for shipping and storage of temperature-sensitive and perishable products.

Hermani AG provides insulated and non-insulated large plastic containers, dry ice chests, plastic pallets, insulation and refrigerants.
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